• Image of Wash & Wax 500ml
  • Image of Wash & Wax 500ml

Wash & Wax 500ml


Wash and Wax is the modern and environmentally friendly way for the car care enthusiast to clean their car and get that "showroom finish"  from their driveway without spending too much time and not having to get their hands wet.

Wash and Wax is safe to use on all types of paintwork and removes grime, road film, tar, tree sap, bird droppings and paint oxidation. In the summer it means you use less water during a potential hosepipe ban and during the winter it saves you having to get your hands cold and wet.

Wash and Wax is a one-stop solution that isn’t just for your paintwork, it achieves excellent results on metal, glass, plastic, fibreglass, gel coat, or any non-porous painted surface.

Wash and Wax does not just leave a showroom shine it cleans and protects! The innovative formula combines unique ingredients with carnauba wax to provide your car with a quality sheen and effective pain protection.

Wash and Wax is great value for money, a 1-litre bottle will clean and protect up to five medium-size vehicles, it is the perfect combination of professional quality whilst being friendly on the pocket.