Shine Easy is an environmentally friendly mobile car washing & detailing service that aims to reduce the eco-footprint of car washing in Gibraltar. Customers will be doing their part to protect the environment by signing up for a wash. As an example, a waterless wash could save about 150L of water per wash when compared to a standard jet wash. It also represents and significant saving in carbon emissions as a desalinization plant is Gibraltar’s main source of fresh water, a very carbon intensive process. Anything we can do to reduce the demand of such methods will be doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions and conserve water supplies in the area.


The car wash industry has typically been an informal sector of the economy where cash payments were standard. We aim to provide full-time employment to contribute positively to local economies. Shine Easy also aims to make a difference in local communities by carrying out fundraising events for local charities.


We hold convenience at the core of our systems and processes. We use technology we have developed, including our user-friendly app, where bookings can be made around our clients' schedule. Our vision is to integrate renewable practices into the after-care of the vehicle care industry. We provide a top-notch, professional vehicle-care service and along with products that are not only good for the extension of your vehicles lifetime but also good for the planet that we all share.