What is the membership package?

The membership package is based on our maintenance model and has been designed to protect your car the best way we can, with consistency. We use the principle of layering to first apply a layer of protection that bonds to your cars paint to create a shell. Then ‘sacrificial’ layers of wax are applied using a high-grade wax or plant-based spray wax with our top-up cleans. These layers are designed to take the brunt of damage caused by bird droppings, acidic pollutants, bug splatter etc and maintain the integrity of the protection applied to the paint.

You can apply the best coating in the world but if an area is damaged, you no longer have full coverage of protection on your paintwork. Maintaining ‘layers’ of protection is the best way to avoid damage to your investment!

Shine Easy’s 3 VIP Membership Tiers


  • Monthly Frequency
  • 12 services/yr
  • For very light commuters
  • Starting at £49/mo

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Silver VIP Monthly Calendar

  • Monthly Frequency
  • 12 services/yr
  • For light commuters
  • Starting at £69/mo

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Gold VIP Monthly Calendar

  • Bi-Weekly Frequency
  • 24 services/yr
  • For heavy commuters
  • Starting at £99/mo

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Why invest in a
monthly maintenance detail package?

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Keep your auto in PRISTINE condition INSIDE & OUT
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SAVE over £300 a year with our incredible members only benefits!
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Protect your Investment & Protect your Paint from Bird Droppings, Bug Splatter & Acidic Pollutants
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SAVE TIME – no more driving to the car wash or detail shop – we come to your office or home