Car cleaning for your
Business or Employees

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ShineEasy at the workplace

Have your employees leaving work with that new car smile (you know the one we mean). We are actively partnering with businesses to offer unique discounts for your staff & customers. Email us at to discuss pricing options and experience the simplicity of using our app.

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ShineEasy in business

Partner with us to give your customers that extra special gift. We're offering unique rates and packages to car garages and other business who are looking to give their customers an extended feeling of excellent satisfaction. Email us at to discuss pricing options and experience the simplicity of using our app.

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Special Rates

We can provide you with unique discount codes tailored to your customers or staff. Contact us to discuss what we can do for you.


Mobile Fleet Care

1 vehicle, 10 vehicles, 100 vehicles. We've got you covered.

Your vehicles are like traveling company billboards, and we know how
important it is they look good and run well. That’s why we introduced
Shine Easy Fleet. No more sidelining your vehicles. We come to you
for car care when the time is right.

Dealerships / Fleets

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Limited Resources

Office parkings have very limited space to wash vehicles on-site with existing washing practices. Without access to water the carwash process usually exceeds the available resources to effectively wash vehicles to scale.

Waterless Technology

Using waterless technology, we can clean your showroom vehicles and serviced cars with zero run off or mess.

Business Value

Dealerships are always seeking to add value to customer experience. However, many options are far too costly and unreliable to guarantee a worthwhile return on investment.

Flexible Servicing

We can wash your dealership vehicles and/or offer after market services to your customers in partnership with your brand.

Mobile and Reliable

Save time and money by having our professional washers come to your location and clean your vehicles. Image is everything and driving a clean vehicle is an extension of your organisation.
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Reasons why employers love us

  • Mobile app to conveniently schedule, track and pay for services
  • Professionally trained and background checked technicians
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Preferred pricing
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Onsite service slashes downtime