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We at Shine Easy are a group of energetic and creative folks who set out to solve a simple need… getting top-notch car care anytime, anywhere, and on demand.
This sounds a lot simpler than waiting in line at the car wash - staring blankly at your smartphone.
We have gathered the shiniest professionals out there to join us in our goal to return your precious time and transform our vision into your reality.

Do something you love!

Before Booking

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  • Sign in or Register a new account
  • Locate your car by searching a postcode or address - you can drag and adjust the map to fix the pin to the exact location of the car
  • Enter the Make & Model of the car, Registration and Colour
  • Choose the Date and Time Slot
  • Please specify in the Notes section anything we need to know (eg. access restrictions, bird droppings, how to contact you etc.)
  • Enter your card details, PLEASE NOTE: We use the leading online payments provider to store all card details and handle transactions - we do not store any personal card details.

Please carefully read the Terms of Service before placing your order.

Prices are found on the main booking page and in the Pricing tab on the website.

If you received a promotion code for a discounted wash, please enter this on the final screen before hitting book. Once you hit book, any discounts will be deducted from the overall cost.

We operate sunrise to sunset, 6 days per week, with the exception of bank holidays.

Your car cannot have large amounts of caked-on mud or sand, if so, we recommend rinsing down the vehicle with a pressure washer prior to your appointment, then leave the rest to us!

A level 3 or level wash will need to be done in a cool/shaded area for the products to be most effective. We have our own canopy for protection but would recommend parking your car in an area that is protected from the sun for most of the day.

We are currently licensed to provide our services in all of Gibraltar except for Eastern Beach Park & Ride. Please be mindful that we require a 50cm safe work perimeter around the vehicle for the clean to be carried out. This includes any potential traffic hazards on narrow roads.

Yes we do. Businesses should contact us on to discuss special rates for business accounts. Whether you want your fleet of sales cars looking perfect or you simply want to put a smile on your employee’s faces with a weekly car clean, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Waterless doesn’t mean we don’t use liquid, we do, just less of it. A LOT LESS! Our formula is eco-friendly, cleans and protects any part of your vehicle and gives a premium mirror-gloss finish.

Our waterless solution washes away the most stubborn dirt and gives your vehicle an instantly clean, highly polished finish leaving behind no toxic runoff (saving the environment one clean at a time). Our formulation is biodegrable, pH neutral, contains silica technology which seals the vehicle’s exterior, repelling water, making the surface super slick, shiny and giving anti-static protective qualities. This helps to prevent dust being attracted to the surface keeping the surfaces cleaner and shinier for much longer than old style traditional washing.

No, not at all! Our waterless products contain no hazardous ingredients unlike those contained in most conventional style products such as petroleum or acids. What’s even better….Every time you use Shine Easy over a traditional hand or electric car wash you save, on average, over 100 liters of water!!! As we use less than 1 liter per wash, a fortnightly wash saves annually over 2500 liters of water per person.

After Booking

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In the event of inclement weather, such as excessive wind, rain, Shine Easy will continue services in covered areas e.g. garages, sheltered areas. If no covered areas are available, the technicians will assess the current climate, and if necessary, our scheduling team will work with you to find a more convenient time to schedule your service.

You are charged full amount for the service when you place the booking, this is to guarantee our detailers will be available for the tame & date chosen. Note, you can make changes to your booking 24 hours before the clean takes place, free of charge. Any changes made within 24 hours of your booking window will carry a £20 fee for modifying the booking.

Shine Easy will send you an email when your appointment is confirmed. Your Technician will arrive within a 30-minute window of your appointment time and your appointment should be completed by the promised end time.

You may reschedule or cancel any appointment up to 24 hours before the scheduled booking time, free of charge.

However, cancellations or amendments made within 24 hours of the booking window will be charged a £20 fee.

Don’t worry, you can amend the time and/or cancel a wash by simply visiting the ‘Your Washes’ section. Select ‘Change’ your wash and amend the date/time.

If the technician arrives to the job and the car is not present at the booked location, maximum waiting time for our detailers is 30 minutes.

Yes! We have a pre-detailing inspection checklist that our technicians go through to assess your vehicle, any defects will be noted with photos taken to show the damage.

No! For the exterior wash services (Level 1), our technicians come straight to your car, so you can relax and enjoy your day. For interior wash services, the technician will contact you to get access to the car.

If you request one of our interior services, we will collect your keys from you at the scheduled time. Whether you’re in the office and leave your keys with your receptionist, or in the comfort of your home, simply drop us a comment when booking, letting us know where the keys will be. If we have any problem, we’ll call you. Simple.

You will receive a confirmation email once your car has been washed along with a picture of it looking nice and clean.

Yes, one can be sent to you in a separate email after the completion of your car wash.

Our story

Shine Easy is a bold name, a bold idea to solve the simplest problem that car care gives us, time, the most precious and limited resource we have.
It’s about time you got it back.

Any questions? Get in touch